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False equivalency is the death of nuance


Food for thought.

Economist: How to use superpowers


The status quo has been blown up.

It would be less terrifying if the next Chief Executive weren’t so…random.

We are being asked – nay, told – “Trust me” by an individual whom has shown no behavior worthy of said trust nor exhibited the characteristics of a good leader.

NewYorker: Intellectuals for Trump


amplified_voiceI’m posting this having read it but needing time to consider it. As we know, Trump shook the world with his win.

I’m personally appalled by the man and believe the dignity of the office of the President has just taken a tremendous blow.

This is a man who has mocked a disabled man, disparaged minorities and women and is generally a bombastic, ill tempered and self centered human being.

I do not believe he pursued this office to save the country.

That said, is there a larger framework to consider, as embodied by this article?

I don’t know.

Me: still alive!


What a year it’s been! Just a quick note to let you know I’m still alive! This blog is not ‘clinically’ dead and I will still keep it online. Just no time (or will) this year for political debates.

12 business books you should read right now…


…just in case you have some free time!

What will life look like when we can upload in the cloud?


This essay touches on it. Many parts fascinating…and horrifying, too. The technology, when it arrives, will change everything. Is our tech making the world too complex?


Lots of food for thought in this essay. In the end, I’m not sure what the author is getting at – how can we both continue the advance of knowledge but acknowledge limits?

Actions have consequences: Brazil snubs Boeing due to NSA spying…


we cannot simply do as we will and expect the world to fall in line. It’s a far more nuanced world than that.

An interesting site: Letters of note


This is a pretty cool site: Letters of Note. It’s interesting to see these old letters and what and how people thought and wrote about some legends of yesteryear.

America and crossfit…


…an interesting take on sports as an American identity. I’ve never been one to enjoy organized sports on TV or care who passed for how many yards in 1968…but this is an interesting perspective. The jist of this article is that sports in America is the closest thing to the truth our society can collectively embrace? Politics…too divided. Religion…too divided. But sports seems, according to this article, to be a ‘put up or shut up’ kind of truth.