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Chairman Joint Chiefs says national debt greatest threat to national security…

scary stuff.


  1. dw

    That self destruct button is right next to the mo money button.

    I guess the military doesn’t run political and financial war game scenarios? I mean that’s a real shocker about the national debt being unsustainable and a threat to out national security. God forbid we blame a greedy debt driven central banking system that has no respect for the production base. BY the Way. Anybody know who the stock holders are and what their dividends and bonus’s amount to? Probably less that CEO’s that manage tangible produdtion businesses.

    Posted on 27-Jun-10 at 03:50 | Permalink
  2. The DoD doesn’t, but plenty of others do.
    Pretty much everyone worth over $1Billion does,
    and most conservative worth over $1Million run them,
    at least in their head.

    Posted on 27-Jun-10 at 12:17 | Permalink

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