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random thought on cheating taxes

Is it cheating on your taxes if the tax system is flawed and you take action to avoid excessive taxation?


  1. If the tax code is flawed, it is called a loophole.
    Not to be confused with the tax filing software being flawed.

    Posted on 27-Jun-10 at 12:26 | Permalink
  2. dw

    Is there a federal definition of ‘fair tax’? Something tells me that would not be something anyone would want unless they were poor.

    If the tax code is flawed?

    Is the tax code more complicated than the technology it takes to send men to the moon. I suspect that no equation that has to do with whole numbers cannot be analyzed 100 ways to Sunday with software technology.

    I worked in a video game parlor many years ago. When a new game came out the sharpest kids with time and money found the back doors, codes and glitches in the game and could play all afternoon for a quarter. We didn’t like that lol. Later the flaws were corrected. The IRS itself is flawed and cannot be corrected.

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  3. CombatRob

    I’d posit the loopholes themselves make the tax code flawed.

    Posted on 30-Jun-10 at 16:52 | Permalink
  4. dw

    I have trouble understanding what ‘flawed’ means.

    Is there a fair tax chart that sets limits on the most or least you can pay according to profits no matter how you manage to manipulate the tax code? Dooh!

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  5. CombatRob

    dw…when I write that it’s flawed, I mean it’s a system in which people do not pay a fair percentage or amount. Instead, it’s disproportionate. Our taxation system also intentionally obscures the amount we pay.

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  6. dw

    I know but I didn’t want to acknowledge the predetermined SOP definition of the problem. I don’t know how, but it obviously leads to preserving what we are all hating as I have been hearing the same rhetoric for ever and the problem just gets worse so obviously no one is listening. How do we shake up the argument and force new dialog? Obviously as a rule the Fed rejects religious and moral arguments in everything.

    I wonder if China is printing our tax forms yet. If so they would be smart to misprint and make us pay more.

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  7. CombatRob

    That’s also a good question. The Fair Tax proponents should develop such a chart.

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  8. The Bible leaves the question somewhat open, but indicates a fair share is about 20% at most. We (Christians) are told to pay what is asked, if it is possible for us to do so. The total take here in the US is about 50%. When we were in Italy, the Italians were paying about 60% (except there was widespread cheating – a lesson here, since they used something like the “fare tax” idea, and still had an IRS).

    Many, or even most of the loopholes were put into the tax code for good reasons. Things the US government wanted to promote, or things that are good for the nation. Some of them are out of date, and a few put into place by big money lobbyists, although that was the exception until this year. Who knows what next year will bring.

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  9. dw

    This is to insane and chaotic to conclude anything. The acceptance or resignation to this lying weasil corrupt nonsense is the reason we can’t even consider common sense or a sense of what ‘fair’ is. A dollar percentage flat tax on spending is the obvious.

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  10. Being sane (in an insane world), I can conclude I will pay my taxes, to the best of my ability, to the extent that I an at least paying similar to others in my position.

    Jesus said, “Give unto Cesar, what is Cesar’s, and to God, what is God’s.”

    I try to come as close as practical to that.

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  11. dw

    We can beat our heads all day long on this and never come to some conclusion because the real issue is Property Rights. I have in the past linked A supreme court decision that labor is property, our most precious property as we need it to survive and we barter ourselves for a wage or goods. Taxing our labor (property and our real property is why we can’t claim to truly own anything.

    Rex you mentioned paying to the best of your ability. I am sure the IRS will take that into consideration.

    When I first started a business I only filed 1040’s rather than deal with their nonsense. Then I later sent my records to the IRS and said you figure out you’re own bull and send me the bill. They sent it back. Then I hired accountants 3 for three years but just didn’t send it in. Seemed so damn wrong. After that I went employee in construction and claimed zero and let them have it. I cannot play their shell game.

    I bought a used truck from a friend. He bartered his labor for it and sold it to me. The pink said salvage. The DMV happily took all the fees and filed the paperwork before telling me I had to contact the previous owner of which was impossible. I then had a licensed and legal truck in nobody’s name and I could not drive. I already wanted to nuke the DMV prior to that.

    How and why do we tolerate the intolerable? Because the first person to act is a subversive and everyone fears what happens to him. No one will back you. I have made a scene in the DMV and other places. Everyone will turn away from you in fear you might even say something to them.

    I once yelled about an old lady standing in line forever and I being much younger was damn tired of standing there. When I raised my voice about it not one person would speak out with me or even look at me. Same on taxes.

    Scared shitless of the IRS. And you damn should be. That is the issue.

    Where is politics working. Politics brought us to where we are now.

    You are owned and you damn know it.

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  12. CombatRob

    Both well said, TRex and DW.

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