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Senator Kerry doesn’t want to pay taxes on his boat…

…I don’t actually blame the Senator for not wanting to pay exorbitant taxes on his boat. However, I do blame him for not doing something about it in reference to his position.

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  1. dw

    From my view the Constitution has already been suspended to what ever degree supports these **** agenda. I want him taxed through he nose until his boat sinks. He likes taxing my dinner I’d tax his ass out from under him. And I would make his peers pay for his food stamps. There is no dialog going on. Only lawyers, lies and litigation while nothing gets fixed or corrected. We are gong backwards. The progressive is in reality a ‘regressive’. Nice how you would never suspect they are totally driven by money by the way they talk and act on stage.

    Again had a Liberal academic noted I was not to well educated by the way I type and phrase my comments and that I was vague. In an argument with an academic, vague is a personal assault and excuse to dismiss any point you make. What could I say. I thought about Viet Nam. I guess I was dum enough to be drafted and he was smart enough to get a deferment. Then I thought about WWII, Normandy and all the uneducated GEO political morons that stormed Normandy and helped free Europe and our own future asses. If you can even get an academic to acknowledge you, he will be offended at your lack of certain letters proceeding your name. Really pisses them off when they know you do not have the ego they want to attack.

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