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On fatherhood…

…the last four months have been the greatest of my life.  Holding and caring for my daughter – my daughter – is an amazing joy and huge and great responsibility.  It’s also one that takes up much – most – of my free time from the moment I walk in the door from work.  Thus, the blog suffers.  So be it.  Know that it will not die, only be less “energetic” than before.


  1. dw

    Hey Rob. Like everyone I have a ton of cyber friends. Many are personal friends on various levels. I don’t have a single one that moves me like you do with your wonderful family and the pride and love you have for them. Believe me, I don’t say this shit to others. I salute you on many levels. My father was career Air Force. I’d like to think that if the drinking hadn’t got the best of him he would have been like you.

    Not fishing for feed back complements. Just sayin.

    Posted on 10-Aug-10 at 16:07 | Permalink
  2. CombatRob

    Thanks, dw. I know you’re not fishing for feedback compliments, but thank you for saying that.

    Posted on 15-Aug-10 at 15:54 | Permalink

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