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Loan servicer downgrades credit of homeowner who asked for the note…

I hope he sues this POS company for everything it has.


  1. Not a chance. That “POS company” has more lawyers than he has dollars. How many times have I said “corporations are a way for people to have power without having personal responsibility.” This is only one of many times that has led to corrupt actions that cannot be prosecuted.

    The SEIU website says:
    “It is illegal for banks to negatively report to your credit file during the 60 day period after requesting your note simply because you made a request to see it.”
    But it is unlikely there are any real penalties for misbehavior.

    Now the flipside of the issue. Was he in foreclosure because he hadn’t paid his mortgage? Was this a ruse to stop the foreclosure while he lived in the house for free? Likely. So what we have here are two miscreants fighting with each other.


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  2. CombatRob

    Agreed; I suppose I post the “best possible scenario rose colored glasses” hypothetical. I know though he’s got a snowball’s chance in “heck” of actually scoring against the corporations.

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  3. So often, in this world, we see “two miscreants fighting with each other.” And not only do we feel the urge to take up sides: society wants to know which side we are on.

    I suspect, had you saw this story 5 years ago, you would have taken the other side. The only difference between you and me is 1994 vs 2008. (Wow, am I really 14 years older than you? My how time flys on this side of the hill 🙂 )

    The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. Proverbs 22:3. Oh Lord, why can’t You give us wisdom when we are young enough to enjoy it?

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