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Higher education bubble?

It sounds right to me, too.  I think the implicit promise Mr. Reynold’s speaks of (or the author he linked to) extends to most education.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been going to school for years and I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m in a different bracket w/the military paying for it.


  1. Well, I am back from my hiatus, and will just say that college isn’t all that. Pres. Bush (41) said it, technical or trade school is the path to success for many. And yet, the college industry (and they are a business, bent on profit for those who run them). And I would say one needs to keep an eye out for a second skill, because the one you work in today is never far from cut backs. In Texas, we have teacher layoffs but manufacturing is ramping up, auto sales are down but auto repair is on the rise, etc.

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  2. OK, I was a little clumsy on that last comment. I meant to say that the business of turning out college degrees will never want people to hear that it is often better to forgo the “degree” and get a technical certification.

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