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The rule of law as a bedrock…

Barry Riholtz eloquently sums up my feelings on the rule of law (and where it’s gone) in our country: 

The Rule of Law is yet another bedrock foundation of this nation. It seems to get ignored when the criminals involved received billions in bipartisan bailout monies.

The line of bullshit being used on State AGs is that we risk an economic crisis if we prosecute these folks.

The people who claim that fail to realize that the opposite is true — the protest at Occupy Wall Street, the negative sentiment, the general economic angst — traces itself to the belief that there is no justice, that senior bankers have gotten away with economic murder, and that we have a two-tiered criminal system, one for the rich and one for the poor.”

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  1. dw

    Politics can over ride anything and there is a bigger picture. Now days I keep thinking that violation of the Oath of Office is the only way to prosecute officials for what they are. If a self professed Socialist or Marxist takes the oath to obtain political power he is a subversive and should be prosecuted for fraud and treason as the Marxist progressiveness is an international movement/revolution what ever.

    We have enemies running our lives and self serving coward RINO’s that give them legitimacy by letting them define issues and the Constitution. Or maybe the RINO is the real fifth column. Or just maybe ultimately it has nothing to do with political ideology and is about power and wealth and the masses can and do determine out comes. Conservatives are armed and the Marxist is an unarmed nut case but he has the Fed to protect him and define his cause. I think the untamed growing criminal element is the lose cannon that scares us all. Hence viral reports crime is down. Maybe violent crime is I wouldn’t know as the Fed is so dishonest. There is no law requiring cities to report statistics to the FBI. It is a known fact that playing down crime is a good idea if you want to attract people for any reason. Honest statistics and ya can lose people.

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