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Laptop decrypted without defendant’s help

Well that effectively ends the Constitutional argument as it pertains to this case.



  1. dw

    The question’s still there. Seems the laptop is like a home,not a person or car. They needed a search warrant? Police also look for evidence that might lead to other evidence. Computers contain what we do or are involved in. It is the main target of Military and law enforcement.

    If you refuse to incriminate your self by letting law enforcement with a warrant search your home they break in. Awe hell they break in without knocking. If they for some reason cannot break in yet have a warrant what will they do? I would think search warrant is the issue. If not enough evidence to get one it’s back to investigation. Hard to bust crime so they want to fish. Problem is they have zero respect for people or property rights and would love to arrest or intimidate anyone they ‘suspect’ might know something no matter how small. Not to mention fishing often yields unrelated evidence to other crimes? Worth noting that in business and taxes anything can be a crime or spun into one while you thought you were law abiding. Just defending yourself will bankrupt you and if you win they might seek revenge for showing them the jack boot fascists they are. Your bankruptcy and ruined life is not enough.

    Posted on 06-Apr-12 at 21:39 | Permalink
  2. dw

    meanwhile on another unrelated matter;

    “Who knows if the feds found the evidence of bank-fraud they were looking for”

    Dang for some reason i thought of the Vatican and how they handle any old documents they find in the basement. Nobody gets to know anything until they have all been reviewed by the Church. If any disappear who knows.

    The Jews have an advantage. The dead sea Scrolls have to be translated by specially trained academia. It’s gonna take a hundred years to review and translate the pieces before they are officially translated. If some of the pieces disappear who knows.

    Point is the corruption of the economy is SOP and the Fedand his Corporate buddies a reputation to maintain. Bust one bust all evidence must a fear? Arrangement’s have to be made to grantee containment. We can’t afford to let the law crash our economy or destroy our faith in the Fed. That would be disastrous.

    Posted on 06-Apr-12 at 22:22 | Permalink
  3. CombatRob

    DW, I agree the question is still very valid. However, in this case it’s moot, since they broke the encryption.

    Overall, I do fear for my daughter’s rights.

    Posted on 18-Apr-12 at 02:34 | Permalink

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