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Yes, you built it…

with some help.


  1. What made the conservatives so mad is the way Obama said it. As if personal effort didn’t make any difference, and that our success was handed to us.

    We all had the same roads and highways, similar schools and similar libraries. But some people excel and some fail. I have a man working with me from the slums of Detroit. He said he went back home and those he grew up with would get up about 11AM, and mostly sat around playing video games or basketball and waiting for their welfare checks to come in so they could go buy some beer.

    Why was he different, if not for personal effort?

    Posted on 05-Sep-12 at 22:17 | Permalink
  2. CombatRob

    For thoughtful folks like yourself, I agree the way he said it was angering. However, many of the pundits – and their Facebook armies – are taking his comment way out of context. Personal effort counts for a great deal, as well it should. However, I do think there’s something amiss when a CEO can make millions for driving a company into the ground while the janitor makes relative pennies.

    Posted on 06-Sep-12 at 23:38 | Permalink
  3. ” a CEO can make millions for driving a company into the ground”

    Ahh, the unintended consequence of Mutual Funds. If a company has 50 investors with 2% each of the company’s value, they hold the CEO’s feet to the fire. If the company is owned by millions, thru impersonal Mutual funds, he can get his contract written to allow him to run amuck and then tell them they have to pay him to go away. (Radio Shack was recently a victim of one such CEO)

    Posted on 07-Sep-12 at 07:18 | Permalink

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