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The GOP hasn’t learned from the last couple of election cycles…

…and Rep. Boehner’s re-election as Speaker of the House affirms this.


  1. What is it they haven’t learned? With resident evil in control of the Senate and White House, gridlock is the BEST we can hope for. Or are you saying he might compromise enough to send us hurling off into the abyss? I think it might happen anyway. (Probably not in 2013, but possibly in 2014)

    Posted on 06-Jan-13 at 01:05 | Permalink
  2. CombatRob

    IMHO, they haven’t learned they are losing the country. The breakout of votes showed this was just political theater; Boehner was never in danger of losing his position. I think they haven’t learned they cannot play these games any more. They have to figure out what they’re about and start connecting to the people again…or they’re going to lose the next election, too.

    I do agree gridlock is the best we as citizens can hope for right now because neither party seems genuinely interested in doing right by the nation.

    Posted on 06-Jan-13 at 21:19 | Permalink
  3. I think it is the country that has lost – lost its grip on reality, that is.

    I worry we may not last long enough to have another presidential election. Of course I was off by four years on predicting the last bubble burst, so I could be off on this too.

    Posted on 09-Jan-13 at 08:35 | Permalink
  4. CombatRob

    I don’t think I disagree. I don’t think the GOP or the DNC, or the majority of the American people, see the crossroads we are at…it’s Orwellian.

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