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I’ve started a new chapter. I am in the last couple of years of my military service and am laying the groundwork for a post AF career. I’ve just become a licensed real estate agent for the state of Colorado. If you are looking to buy, sell or rent in the Colorado Springs/Denver areas, please let me know!


  1. Congratulations.

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  2. CombatRob

    Thanks, T_Rex. Between my family, the AF, this license and my classwork, I am a busy multitasking kind of guy!

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  3. Comments on your other site are still off, so I though I would post about mortgages here. When I took a mortgage on this house, I learned something almost be accident. If you take a mortgage for 15 or less years, you get a discount on the interest rates (talking fixed interest rate mortgages only) 16 or more years pays a higher rate.

    And yet, almost everyone I talk to still gets the old 30 year mortgage. I know no one is obligated to tell them about the discount, but it seems like some brave broker would do so, even though it isn’t in the broker’s interest, or he may have no dog in that fight.

    You can put it into your amortization spreadsheet, and figure out the details, but allowing for 8% one time move in loss and 2% per year taxes, you don’t pay that much more per month for the 15 year and if you look at equity after 5 years, there is a dramatic difference.

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  4. Ran across something that might be of interest:
    Mish talks about the consequences of not reading the fine print when in foreclosure.

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