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Higher education bubble?


It sounds right to me, too.  I think the implicit promise Mr. Reynold’s speaks of (or the author he linked to) extends to most education.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been going to school for years and I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m in a different bracket w/the military paying for it. Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this […]

CA Blue Shield to raise rates 59%


Absolutely outrageous doesn’t begin to describe this act.  The last line of this article sums up what Blue Shield is doing.   “By jacking up rates, insurers are pushing people off their rolls and are undermining efforts to get more consumers access to healthcare,” he said. “Insurance companies only want customers who can pay the […]

Facebook guy Time’s Person of the Year


Interesting.  Much less interesting and more head scratching is that Nancy Pelosi was considered.  However, ultimately, the label is only that, a label by a private corporation to sell magazines. Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on Facebookshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this post