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Google wants in your brain…


…the next ten years are going to bring some incredible leaps in technology.

On saying, “I don’t know.”


“I don’t know” is not a weakness. Being okay with acting out of ignorance and/or not being interested in an opposing viewpoint arguably is (a weakness).

The Rule of Law in the financial system…


…I’ve said for quite awhile that the rule of law was broken in the financial system with the failure to hold the banks accountable as they were given blank checks during the bailouts.

One example of this is the bias against fraudulent foreclosures. If you as a person write a check to a third party and that third party gives me the check but fails to endorse it…I cannot cash it. If I sign that person’s name, I’m committing fraud.

In a foreclosure, the chain of custody of the deeds and mortgages to these homes was broken. Yet, the courts have ruled that it doesn’t matter. “Let the banks sort it out,” is the explanation because, “the homeowner isn’t paying so ‘someone’ has the right to foreclose.”

This strikes at the heart of the rule of law. This is not merely a technical issue; if an entity cannot prove they are the owners of the “check”, they ought not to be permitted to cash it.

To the point of this post: we will not be able to hold the banks accountable until the political will to do so is manifested. And I don’t think that is going to happen.

Catabolic collapse


I’ve long wondered about the state of affairs today. It has seemed to me for some time that we are applying massive and expensive bandaids to many problems our nation faces. Both right and left are guilty of this; we’re addressing symptoms rather than structural problems.

I did not know until recently this…trend?…has a name: catabolic collapse.

Fascinating read.

NY Bill makes it a crime to harass a police officer…


…while harassing a police officer is never a good idea, it’s dangerous to make doing so a felony. What constitutes harassment?

Just added: John Q Public


This is a very interesting blog. The author’s most recent post hits the “nail on the head” in terms of the cultural problem the Air Force is facing today.


I’ve started a new chapter. I am in the last couple of years of my military service and am laying the groundwork for a post AF career. I’ve just become a licensed real estate agent for the state of Colorado. If you are looking to buy, sell or rent in the Colorado Springs/Denver areas, please let me know!

Sen Warren and a $22 per hour min wage…


Food for thought. Please note the Senator isn’t advocating for raising the wage to that rate, only “minding the gap”. (Raising it now that high would have some serious negative economic consequences.)

Napolitano 2016? No chance she’ll get the nomination…


much less win a general election. I think she’d find herself answering (justly) for every transgression of the TSA, rather than running a campaign.

Tuition Assistance coming back this FY?


Maybe, maybe not. Looking into the details of the proposal, it appears the Hagan-Inhofe Amendment directs the DoD to reinstate Tuition Assistance (TA) at no less than the amount sequestration has impacted the Ops & Maintenance budget. That is, it can’t be reduced more than (app 7.8%).

A couple cautionary flags. First, the text of the amendment isn’t available so only snippets are available. Second, the bill appears only to direct the DoD to move funds from other sources to fund TA. Third, without seeing the text or providing funding, we don’t know what kind of enforcement mechanism exists.

Just some thoughts. Here’s the link to the Senate Resolution (full text not available yet). Here’s the link to the House Resolution (which despite reports to the contrary contains no language about TA…heads up, it’s a large pdf).