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The Rule of Law in the financial system…


…I’ve said for quite awhile that the rule of law was broken in the financial system with the failure to hold the banks accountable as they were given blank checks during the bailouts. One example of this is the bias against fraudulent foreclosures. If you as a person write a check to a third party […]

Small victory for the public in foreclosure mess?


 Maybe.  As Taibbi writes, it’ll depend on the actual wording of the settlement.  I’m less optimistic than he is about it.  I’m also curious where the money from said settlement would go? To the people who were affected by this perjury? Or to the State, for their use (ostensibly) in preventing and/or perusing offenders? Bookmark […]

No surprise: fed mortgage program a dud…


…I am here to tell you, from first-hand experience, the problem is not homeowners who are unwilling or unable to make payments, the problem is the banks giving homeowners the run around. They don’t call back, they lie, they give you bad information, they make promises they can’t back or won’t back up, and one […]