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Small victory for the public in foreclosure mess?


 Maybe.  As Taibbi writes, it’ll depend on the actual wording of the settlement.  I’m less optimistic than he is about it.  I’m also curious where the money from said settlement would go? To the people who were affected by this perjury? Or to the State, for their use (ostensibly) in preventing and/or perusing offenders? Bookmark […]

Fraud and other things in the mortgage industry


The fraud perpetrated on the Court, Debtors, and trustee would be shocking if this Court had less experience concerning the conduct of mortgage servicers So begins the Judge’s conclusion in one bankruptcy case concerning a clearly fraudulent mortgage servicer and owner. Well worth the read, via the NACA blog. Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on […]

Housing Doom: How Do You Keep Homeowners In Their Home When They’re Already Gone


In short, you don’t. The only issue I have with the sentiment that loan modifications wouldn’t work anyway (due to unemployment, etc.) is that the lenders haven’t been honest in their attempts. This negates (IMO) any further discussion of what could be. Speaking for myself only and lacking empirical data (which in turn makes this […]