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Tuition Assistance coming back this FY?

Maybe, maybe not. Looking into the details of the proposal, it appears the Hagan-Inhofe Amendment directs the DoD to reinstate Tuition Assistance (TA) at no less than the amount sequestration has impacted the Ops & Maintenance budget. That is, it can’t be reduced more than (app 7.8%).

A couple cautionary flags. First, the text of the amendment isn’t available so only snippets are available. Second, the bill appears only to direct the DoD to move funds from other sources to fund TA. Third, without seeing the text or providing funding, we don’t know what kind of enforcement mechanism exists.

Just some thoughts. Here’s the link to the Senate Resolution (full text not available yet). Here’s the link to the House Resolution (which despite reports to the contrary contains no language about TA…heads up, it’s a large pdf).

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